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OCMT offers a Diploma program in Business Administration to develop relevant and much-needed skill in executing business-related tasks, including operations at the foundational level. This program is built on quality, skill-based education, tailored to employers’ needs, and vetted by our Program Advisory Committee of industry professionals to ensure relevance and job-market-ready. 

We actively seek input from community partners and business owners in developing our curriculum in order to specifically address labor market demands.

Approved as vocational programs under the Career Colleges Act, 2005.

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Business Administration (BA)


BA program at OCMT offers a clear path toward careers in management and administration. 

Empowering Future Leaders

The BA program equips students for impactful 
roles in management and administration by 
integrating essential SAP applications. 
As Business Administrators, they play a crucial role 
in overseeing daily operations, implementing procedures, and coordinating vital administrative services, contributing significantly to the 
organization’s success.
BA program offers a clear path toward careers in management and administration. This program provides students with a key understanding of business requirements while integrating SAP applications into its core courses. Students will learn how to use this 
system in completing day-to-day operational tasks.
As a Business Administrator, you are an organization’s Administrative Officer. 
Administrative Officers or Business 
Administrators often take on roles such as 
Executive Assistants to Executive 
Management. They engage in daily 
administration of the company. 
Oversee and implement administrative 
procedures, establish work priorities, 
business communication, and coordinate 
the acquisition of administrative. The 
position of a Business Administrator is very important to the organization in managing
the entire office’s activities.

Personal Support Worker with Digital Technology (PSW-DT)

Personal Support Worker with Digital Technology offers many paths to gainful employment, and residency. Did you know?

OCMT is the first institution in Canada to launch PSW with Digital Technology program? This program offers both core support care courses and technology applications that is generally used within the healthcare settings.  

Important Information: 

The Government of Canada has recently announced the plan to attract both local and foreign personal support care workers by giving them a flexible path to residency? For more information please click the link.


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