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Business Administration Program at OCMT

Empowering Future Leaders

The BA program equips students for impactful roles in management and administration by integrating essential SAP applications. As Business Administrators, they play a crucial role in overseeing daily operations, implementing procedures, and coordinating vital administrative services, contributing significantly to the organization's success.

BA program offers a clear path toward careers in management and administration. This program provides students with a key understanding of business requirements while integrating SAP applications into its core courses. Students will learn how to use this system in completing day-to-day operational tasks.

As a Business Administrator, you are an organization’s Administrative Officer. Administrative Officers or Business Administrators often take on roles such as Executive Assistants to Executive Management. They engage in daily administration of the company. Oversee and implement administrative procedures, establish work priorities, business communication, and coordinate the acquisition of administrative services such as office space, supplies, and security services on a daily basis. The position of a Business Administrator is very important to the organization in managing the entire office’s activities.

Additional Information

Examples of careers in this field include, but are not limited to:

    • Banking, Insurance, Securities, and other Financial Institutions
    • Professional Services
    • Manufacturing
    • Health Care
    • Accounting Firms
    • Legal
    • Government
    • Telecommunication
    • Gas & Energy
    • Other industries where effective administration is required.

Program Details


15 months

This is a rigorous and comprehensive program the delivery of which might vary by semester or by course schedule in some situations. Please contact the Registrar to learn more.


This program is delivered in-class, hybrid, or online. Students who are unable to secure housing in proximity to the college campus may opt in for an online delivery.

Entry Dates

March, June, September, & December

Integrated Components

SAP (the best Enterprise Resource Planning product) and with options for the relevant Industry Certifications.
*Option for some credit transfer to bachelor's degree*

Admission Requirements

- Applicants with a High School Diploma
- Matured applicants with relevant work experience

Your Career

  • Executive Assistants
  • Personnel & Recruitment Officers
  • Purchasing Agents & Officers
  • Business Support Specialist
  • Administrative Officer
  • Office Manager
  • Property Administrator

and more…

Semester 1

Course Name Learning Outcome
Business Communication
Reports and Business Proposals, Mechanism; Process Description, Communication Skills, Writing Skills
Office Administration
Important matters in Office Practice, Basic concepts of Office Practice, Arrange and co-ordinate skills, Communication; writing skills, Communication & writing skills, Arrange and co-ordinate skills
Service Management
Basic Concept of Customer Service, Strategies to Meet the Needs of Customers, Self-Help Skills, Skills for Successful Customer Service

Semester 2

Course Name Learning Outcome
General understanding of Accounting Principles, Understanding of Basic Procedures, Prepare Financial Statements, Demonstrate Daily Bookkeeping Process; Accounting Tasks
Financial Management
Knowledge of Financial Management Situations, Compute financial results using techniques, Financing Decisions Analysis, Arrange and co-ordinate skills
Marketing Management
Basic Concept of Marketing Management,4P Model of Marketing, Utilize Strategies and Hold Market, Use 4P Model to Manage Marketing

Semester 3

Course Name Learning Outcome
Advertising & Promotion
Create an Attractive Advertising, Basic Concept of Advertising, Utilizes Promotion in Advertising Plan, Basic Concepts of Sales Promotion
Human Resources Management
Basic Concept of Human Resources Management, Concepts and techniques to meet Human Resources Requirements, Skills for HRM changes in today’s workforce, Analyze different situations in Human Resources
Entrepreneurial Management
Students of this course will be expected to support startup businesses and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in those business operational activities that may involve finance, accounting, business management, negotiation, contract law review, and other administrative tasks.

Semester 4

Course Name Learning Outcome
MS Office Application
Develop MS Office Skills, Information Literacy, Communicate efficiently using Microsoft Office Suite, Demonstrate Effective Skills in Visio Project
Business Law
Develop a general understanding of Canadian Law, Canadian Business Situation, Demonstrable Contracts analysis, Analysis of legal issues
Inclusive Society
At the end of this course, students are expected to demonstrate (by their actions, narratives, practice, and performance from tests and exams) a good understanding of inclusion, and how to build a culture that organically appreciates everyone as members of one body with a demonstrable approach to promoting equality in policies, and its implementation.
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