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The path to a great career starts from here! Pay your tuition, register your courses and start acquiring the skills and knowledge you need to begin a new career. Below are approved programs offered at OCMT along with applicable fees.

Mandatory fees include costs of tuition and books for specific program of study. Program fees differ depending on the program of study.

Program Tuition(CAN$) Books(CAN$) Other Fees (CAN$)
Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 12,889 2,000 300
Diploma Business Administration 8,995 1,950 300
Diploma in Accounting and Payroll Administration 7,990 1,590 1,050

For more details, please contact our finance department at, or by phone at 416.444.6268 ext. 9516 or send a mail to:

Finance Department

Ontario College of Management and Technology

7 – 1140 Sheppard Avenue West, North York, Toronto, ON M3K 2A2.

Further information about payment methods and various payment plans can be obtained on our website.

OCMT, Enter to Learn, Leave to Achieve.


Second Career Ontario

The Ontario government through the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has launched a new educational funding for people who are laid off and are looking into in a career opportunity in Technology, Management, Business, Healthcare and others.

The Second Career strategy launched by the province provides opportunities for Ontarians to re-train themselves for a better career. It provides financial help up to $28,000, or more in some cases.

Are you qualified?

Those who qualify may have some or all of their training costs covered within the Second Career initiative. Find out if you are qualify by visiting

You can also contact our finance aid office at 416 444 6268 (ext. 9516) for further information and direction on how to apply.

Canada Student Grants

Canada Student Grants provide money for college or university that you don’t need to pay back. It is easy to apply for them. These grants are given to students at the beginning and in the middle of the school year.

Canada Student Grants are available to students from most provinces and territories except those from the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Quebec. These governments have their own programs.

When you apply for student financial assistance, your eligibility for most Canada Student Grants will automatically be assessed. You may be able to get more than one grant at a time. For more information about the Student Grants, visit

OCMT, Enter to Learn, Leave to Achieve.


Student Line of Credit

In Ontario, there are number of financial institutions and credit unions that offer students line of credit and student loans. This financing is available to those who qualify. Our Finance department can assess your eligibility and guide you towards obtaining your funding. For more details, please contact our  finance aid office at

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

If an RESP contribution has been saved up for you, you can claim it to pay for your post-secondary education. You can contact your respective financial institution or RESP promoter to find out how this can be arranged for you. You may also contact our finance aid office for further information about how you can transfer your RESP for funding your education. More information on how to fund your education from from your RESP is available at

Lifelong Savings Plan (LLP)

Your LLP with the Canada Revenue Agency can be used towards your post-secondary education. You or your spouse or common-law partner can withdraw up to $10,000 annually, and up to the maximum of $20,000. For more information about LLP, visit

Pay As You Learn (PAYL)

“Pay As You Learn” system allows qualified students to pay on course-by-course basis. This option is strictly available to students who have met all conditions, which include, a credit check, employment status, willingness to complete the program of study, and ability to pay for all courses.

At the end of each course, the students in this education funding category will be required to meet with one of our financial aid representatives to assess their continued ability to fund their education on course by course basis.

Our financial aid representative may recommend alternative funding option for those who do not qualify for the PAYL requirements.

Thinking of exploring this option? Send us an email at to review your eligibility.


OCMT Bursary and Scholarship

OCMT Scholarship is based on merit and leadership. OCMT shall grant scholarship or Bursaries to students who have demonstrated excellence in the following:
  • Academic Grade (A+)

  • Leadership and Team Skills

  • Shouldering other students through tutoring, after-class sessions, researching related academic materials that would help self and others, and conflict management

  • Outstanding Community participation

Note: Student must demonstrate more than one of the above qualities to receive either scholarship or Bursary. *The maximum award shall not be more than 10% of the tuition and bursary will be a flat award of $250.* For more information, contact Finance Aid Office at

Scholarship for Women and Underprivileged interested in programs in Cybersecurity and Intelligence Engineering education, and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

The Ontario College of Management and Technology announces “Scholarship for Women and Underprivileged interested in programs in Cybersecurity and Intelligence Engineering education, and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems. Contact OCMT for further information
Eligibility criteria:  Do you identify as a female by gender? Are you in financial need? If yes, does any of the following apply?
  •  I recently lost my job
  •  I earn below $12,500 a year
  •  I have been out of job for over 6 months
Do you have any income (Government, personal savings, retirement savings plan, Employer-contributed pension plan, family support, home equity) Are you a Canadian Citizen, Permanent resident, or a protected person? Have you had a prior post secondary education? If yes, when did you graduate and from which institution? Will you be able to complete our program if offered admission?

Other Scholarship Options

Don’t rule out all options when it comes to financing your education. There just might be many options than you’d thought. Check out the tips on optional scholarship and educational funding on Scholarship Canada website. For more information, visit

At OCMT, we understand that undertaking a post-secondary education is a major investment in your future. As such, we have developed various payment methods to help ease the burden of your tuition. We believe in your future and so we are ready to accomodate your reliable and trusted payment options.

With our Customized Education Payment Plan (CEPP), students can conveniently pay for their tuition on an instalment basis, depending on each student’s unique situation.

In addition to our CEPP, OCMT has an array of payment options to give students the flexibility of paying for their tuition. The following are the different ways by which students can pay:

  • Direct deposit by money orders, cash, cheque, and e-mail transfers
  • Pre-authorized monthly Debit payment (Customized Education Payment Plan)
  • PayPal online payment
  • Wire Transfer
  • VISA, Master card, American Express
  • Pre-authorized monthly VISA payment (Customized Education Payment Plan)

For further information or how to apply, please email our finance aid office at, and someone will be able to assist you.