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Want to share about the great experience and support you’ve received from the team at the College or simply want to put your unique interpersonal skills to work and earn while you do that? Get up to $500 or more in cash bonus for the students you refer to OCMT! You will be rewarded for your loyalty. 

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Terms &

  • Each successful referral will be rewarded a $500 bonus.
  • Anyone can refer students without any restrictions (the referrer does not have to be a student at OCMT to be eligible for the bonus).
  • There is no limit in the number of students a person can refer. Any individual can refer as many students as possible, including family and friends.
  • If the same student has been referred by two different individuals, whoever referred the student first will get the referral bonus.
  • The referred student must complete a minimum of 6 month learning experience at OCMT to be eligible for the referral bonus.
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