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As a DLI institution, and ready to admit international students, OCMT is updating its COVID-19 readiness to align with the Public Health guidelines.  Our COVID-19 Readiness plan designed to manage the pre-arrival, and arrival of the International students. This plan also emphasizes the administration of COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment among the designated staff, the oversight, and monitoring of international students, as well as the management of outbreaks.

Under the initiative titled Your Health and You (YHY), the OCMT’s first priority is to protect its staff and students, by ensuring they observed the basic measure of wearing a mask, safely distance, and washing hands.

The world is racing to curb, and control the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in all its forms, and Canada is no exemption. Canada, through the Public Health has put in different measures to control the increasing rate of the deadly disease. By record, COVID-19 continues to be a challenging health incidence that threatens the socio-economic of nations.

According to Public Health, institutions and individuals can help control the spread of COVID-19 by observing basic preventive measures like washing hands, maintaining safe distancing, wearing masks and staying home, if sick, or exposed.

Public Health has also noted the importation of COVID-19 by visitors to Canada, and, or by Canadians arriving from other countries where COVID-19 is deemed very actively with either the first or the second variant. It is, therefore, critical that institutions welcoming foreigners (students or visitors) from abroad put in place specific measures as mandated by Public Health.

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Plan of Action

The following measures are incorporated into the institution’s COVID-19 readiness plan to ensure a consistency is maintained and efficiency is assured:

Pre-Arrival Policy

The Institution shall communicate with the international students and their co-arriving family members, as applicable, about:

  • Quarantine requirements in Canada upon arrival and relevant penalties in the event of non-compliance.
  • Federal requirements for air travellers to download and provide their travel details using the ArriveCAN app and provide encouragement for students and co-arriving family members who arrive in Canada by land to use the app.
  • Provincial requirements to obtain a COVID-19 negative test.
  • The need for students to sign an attestation confirming their understanding of their pre-arrival and quarantine requirements.
  • Details about the student transportation, quarantine accommodation arrangements and logistics.
  • Any institutional policies relating to the international travel quarantine (e.g. any associated fees).
  • Any institutional policies and protocols relating to school attendance in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g. daily symptom screening).
  • Any institutional policies or resources regarding health insurance in Canada.
  • Contact information for the Institution (or representative) in case of emergency during the quarantine period.
  • Any provincial and local public health requirements, direction, resources, and other information on COVID-19 of which students and their co-arriving family members should be aware (e.g., indoor masking requirements in public spaces).

Transportation from the port of entry to the quarantine location

  • As part of the pre-arrival guidelines, the college will provide information of third-party transportation companies to the international students, including the cost of transportation., and the safety precautions.
  • The College will conduct pre-arrival and post-arrival COVID-19 symptoms screen of all international students, and their accompanying family members. 
  • The College shall appoint a trained representative to welcome the international students at the port of entry.  The representative shall have with them the necessary PPE for the international students.
  • The College will notify, in advance, the transport company or individual assigned to drive the student and the accompanying family members, and be advised for proper safety precautions as outlined by the Public Health
  • The College representative will advise and ensure the driver takes the students directly to their quarantine location without any stop, except for the urgent medical care.

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Quarantine accommodation

Per Public Health Guidelines, all individuals entering Canada are required to quarantine for 14 days on arrival to Canada. During this period, they are expected to monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. They will be required to provide the address of where they will be in quarantine by the Canadian Border Service Agents (CBSA) when entering Canada and there will be follow-up to monitor for compliance with the quarantine requirements and for any illness during this period.

OCMT will work with the students ahead of their arrival to ensure there is accommodation in place for the students and the accompanying family members. Member of the college will call the owner or management of the accommodation to ensure it meets the requirements of the federal and provincial quarantine requirements.

The college will work with delivery service firms to provide necessities such as PPEs, groceries, medications, phone services, social and educational support. The College will meet these requirements by sending a checklist of all necessities to the students ahead of the arrival, then work with partner companies to ensure the needs of the students and their accompanying family members are met, adequately.

Throughout the quarantine period, the college representative shall maintain oversight on the students, to ensure they are complying with the quarantine guidelines. The College will duly inform the students about the quarantine policies and guidelines, as required by the federal, provincial and municipal governments during their quarantine period, and inform them about the penalties for non-compliance. The College’s policy regarding the quarantine period will be shared with all international students and their accompanying members.

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