As the saying goes, “we meet to part, and we part to meet”, our goal is to make sure that every graduated student of OCMT stays connected in this “global village” called World. Sometimes, the way to the top is enrolled in the network of friends, colleagues, class mates or co-workers.

Join our ALUMNI forum where you can interact with past and present students. Share your experience and be proud of your expertise! Stay and keep in touch. We are particularly interested  in creating a family of OCMT students’ network, where those at the top of the “ladder” could provide support to those coming up the ladder.

OCMT is interested in your future  and your career growth even after your College education. It is our hope that every graduate will benefit from this network in various ways, which include, but not limited to:

  • Gain opportunities through connection with classmates.
  • Share ideas, experience, inventions, or innovations. As they say, “two good heads are often better than one.”
  • Create or launch business association or partners with classmates.
  • Communicate research opportunities, conferences or seminars that could positively impact the lives of your colleagues.
  • Stay connected with the College and provide feedback on how the training offered at OCMT has benefited you.
  • Let us know what can be improved at the College, including courses or curriculum you would like us to incorporate into your program for future students.

We are always looking to improve our training experience. To do this, we appreciate your feedback and recommendations. Be an advocate, send us an email at admin@ocmtontario.ca

Take some time to visit our Web pages to  learn more any activities or innovations of interest to you.  Consider applying as a member of Alumni Board and add value to others.

Follow OCMT social media network on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn, and share ideas, opportunities, and or, live events you would like others to know about.