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Do you know as an OCMT student you can complete your MBA program in less than a year by transferring your postgraduate Diploma credits from OCMT to any of the partner universities via our articulation agreement, or concurrently running an MBA program alongside your OCMT program? (Thanks to our partnership with Ducere Global Business School!). If you have selected Yes, our OCMT Joint Degree unit will reach out for more information. Get Ahead from the Best. FUN FACTS: Ducere have developed a framework where students do not undertake exams, “We assess students on real-world assignments and an applied project with our project industry partners.” Assessments are based on practical project-focused work. The industry partner network comprises of Ford, KPMG, PWC, Disney, Ford, Seek, etc. Students are provided access to real projects in their businesses to solve. Students undertaking courses with Ducere and our university partners will have access to insights from over 250 global leaders and business innovators as part of the global business curriculum. These insights are embedded throughout course content, bridging the gap between academic studies and practical, industry-relevant learning. Leading Instructors comprise of past presidents, prime ministers’, heads of state and billionaire entrepreneurs.
International Students: Please note visa processing may take at least 3 MONTHS depending on your location.
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Passport MUST be within minimum of 1 year of expiration prior to desired entry date.
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Photo must be taken in the last six months with clear or white background, sharp, and focused on the camera. No sunglasses or tinted glasses. Photo should be similar to the type used on your passport.
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Updated Resume/CV with all work experiences relevant to program of interest, including month and year of start and completion of all roles.
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References CANNOT be family, work colleague, and friends. However, references can be a supervisor, manager, or instructor. Reference letters MUST be dated within same year as entry date, including referees’ contact information, i.e., full name, phone number, email address, and signature.
Here you may type in your purpose letter in text format. Write a purpose letter about why you are interested in your selected program and how this program will support/advance your career goals. Your purpose letter CANNOT be less than 500 words. Please note we put serious emphasis on the quality of your purpose letter.
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Marriage Certificate, Professional Certifications, etc.
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