Programs - Diploma and Post Graduate (PG)Diploma


Business Administration

BA program at OCMT offers a clear path toward careers in management and administration. This program provides students with key understanding of business requirements while integrating SAP application into its core courses. Students will learn how to use this system in completing day-to-day operational tasks. 

As a Business Administrator, you are an organization’s Administrative Officer. Administrative Officers or Business Administrators often take on roles such as Executive Assistants to Executive Management. They engage in daily administration of the company. Oversee and implement administrative procedures, establish work priorities, business communication, and coordinate the acquisition of administrative services such as office space, supplies and security services on a daily basis. The position of a Business Administrator is very important to the organization in managing the entire office activities.


Example of careers in this field include, but not limited to:

  • Banking,  Insurance, Securities & Other Financial Institutions
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Accounting Firms 
  • Legal 
  • Government
  • Telecommunication
  • Gas & Energy
  • Other industries where effective administration is required.

For admissions, see General Admission Requirements


Accounting & Payroll Administration

APA program offers a dual career path to Accounting or Payroll profession. The blend of hands-on training, computer lab experience and co-op placement is expected to provide the necessary skills required to attract great career opportunities. Specifically, the addition of SAP-based courses provide competitive advantage in the job market. 

As a student of this program, you will have the opportunity to learn with latest technologies that we believe would aid your transition from campus to career. As an Accounting and Payroll Professional, your contributions to the organization is easily acknowledged as you work with others to balance the books and keeping record of payroll processes.

This program consists of courses that are often required by employers, and taught by experienced instructors who combines academic expertise with industry experience. Students of this program would have opportunities to learn from the current industry best practices using Accounting and payroll application software.

Functions of Accounting and Payroll Professionals 

Accounting and Payroll  Administrators are an organizations’ Financial & Payroll record processors and keepers. As an Accounting and Payroll Professional your contributions to the organization is easily acknowledged as you work with others to balance the books and keeping record of payroll processes.

The tasks of an Accounting and Payroll professionals involve many tasks which include, reviewing and analyzing accounting information, preparing employee payroll, running payroll cycle, and updating accounting documents with each employee’s payroll data.  They update and maintain accounting records, tabulates expenditures, receipts, accounts payables and receivables. 

More about the responsibilities and opportunities that exist in this career path can be found in the students’ admissions package.  


Upon completing Accounting and Payroll Administration program, students will be able to seek career opportunities in various industries including but not limited to:

  • Human Resources and Recruiting
  • Payroll Processing
  • Banking, Insurance, Securities & Other Financial Institutions
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Services & Government 
  • Professional Services 
  • System Integration 
  • Telecommunication

At the end of this program, the graduates are expected to have gained the knowledge and the skills necessary to gain an entry into Accounting and Payroll profession. 

Instructional Approach

  • Instructor-led teaching
  • Hands-on approach
  • Co-op placement 

Common Job titles

  • Accounting Associate 
  • Accounting Officer
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable 
  • Accounting Administrator  
  • Payroll Administrator 
  • Payroll Associate
  • Accounting & Payroll Administrator


Admission Requirements and Tuition

See General Admission requirements and Financing for tuition.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (Graduate Program)

This program offers comprehensive information and business systems perspective to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems, with a focus on Systems, Application and Products in data processing (SAP). SAP is an ERP application that is globally represented and implemented by many major organizations to run their businesses. 

The ERP courses are strategically designed to prepare students for the necessary information and business skills necessary to participate in the implementation and support of ERP systems. It also enables students to gain understanding of the linkage that exists in various business scenarios, as well as the integration between various business processes.  

Over 90% of the students in this program already had prior work experience either as a new immigrant, mature students seeking second career and career change, or graduates needing practical, applicable, relevant and in-demand skills.

This program is intensive, rigorous and comprehensive therefore, candidates are carefully selected from the pool of applicants to ensure only the best and hardworking applicants are selected.

 Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor in Information Technology, Management, Business or related programs
  • 3 years college diploma with minimum one year work experience.
  • Purpose Statement letter of 500 words in length
  • Personal Interview with the Career Counselor
  • Evidence of English proficiency/ TOEFL/ESL training certificate

Instructional Delivery Approach: 

  • Case-based scenarios and Simulated Project-based
  • Hands-on approach on Application. 

Program Duration: Intensive and rigorous 46.4 weeks equivalent of 940 hours.

Cybersecurity Engineering and Intelligence (Graduate)

The world needs millions of Cybersecurity Experts. There is shortage of good Cybersecurity professionals. The students of this program are already being sough after before they complete their program. The truth is, Canada needs Cybersecurity professionals, just in the same way the world requires the services of seasoned Cybersecurity and Intelligence Practitioner. 

OCMT is proud to contribute to solving the global cybersecurity skill gap by offering competency-based education using practical and case scenarios to equip the next Cybersecurity and Intelligence Experts. 

Program Information

  • Post Graduate Diploma program in Cyber Security & Intelligence Engineering.
  • An 18-month intensive program | 89 weeks | 2225 Hours | 
  • Taught by experienced industry experts and researchers in cyber security, and accompanied by 6 months internship, inclusive.
  • Employment assistance opportunities with our partners

Application starts Now!

Important Facts: 

“The Fast-Growing Job With A Huge Skills Gap: Cyber Security” – 

“Canada must close cybersecurity skill gap” – The Globe and Mail

“Cybersecurity sector struggles to fill skill gap” – Financial Times, UK

“Global Cybersecurity workforce shortage by 1.8million” – 

 What behavioral skills do you need to be a successful Cybersecurity Expert?

 Critical thinking | Analytical Skills | Open Mind | Think like Hacker hat credentials are required for enrollment?

Students must hold University degree/College Diploma in related disciplines, such as Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Management Information System, Physics, Information Technology, Security, Networking, Security Certification holders; otherwise, with at least 5 years of security experience/ A combination of academic background and experience.

What are the additional requirements?

  • All students must pass the criminal record check
  • All students must pass a communication exam prior to entering our programs.
  • Letter of Intent of at least 500 words, and at most, 1000 words. 

 What Job Opportunity or position would I be qualified?

Students of this program will typically be considered for an intermediate or senior position due to their prior background, and the kind of skills and competencies they would have gained by the end of their program. 

Some of the often advertised positions may include:

Cybersecurity Analyst | Ethical Hacker | Secure Code and Mitigation Specialist | Threat Intelligence Specialist | Cybersecurity Consultant | Cybersecurity Engineer 


  • Flexible payment plan
  • Some flexibility in class schedule 
  • GMAT or GRE not required 
  • Seasoned Faculties 
  • Multiple choices of industry specific courses
  • Campus location: nearness to subway-train and Toronto Transit
  • Small class-size
  • Pearson VUE certified center  

Cybersecurity Salary range in Canada

  • The average salary for Cyber Security related jobs is $94,007 per year. 
  • Immense opportunities abound for experienced Cybersecurity Experts to work remotely outside of the office.
  • Independent consulting possibilities after few years. 
  • Possibility to be self-employed
  • There are Job openings in Cybersecurity.
  • According to online publication, entry level positions start at an average of $66,000 while most experienced workers could earn an average of $132,000, plus other emoluments.
  • Hourly workers/independent consultants command a much higher per-diem rate.

Unique advantages of this program

  • 6-months internship
  • Hands-on delivery approach in Cyber-Lab  
  • Case-studies and Research 
  • Real-life projects 
  • Competency-based curriculum
  • Research-oriented and highly competent Professors 
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Direct employment assistance for Graduates 
  • Students are mentored to pass select industry certification 
  • Mentorship program by practicing industry experts

We are excited to offer a specialized program in Cybercrime Investigation and Threats Technology (CITT). This six (6) months program is geared towards market-centered skills in different areas of Cyber crime investigation, threats gathering techniques and application of relevant technology. 

As a student of CITT, you will be part of highly dedicated and studious team to unravel case studies and applying technology in various Cybercrime, and investigations. From Cyber fraud audit techniques, Identity & Access Management, Enterprise Security Architecture, to Computer Crime, Intelligence gathering and investigations, this program would build you from ground zero with the relevant and in-demand Cyber skills. 

What next? For a profession that boasts of 100% employment (by Gartner), you can’t go wrong! While you are thinking about joining us, we would like to make something clear: our admission process does not favor anyone by race, gender or belief, but rigorous and rewarding. We reward those with passion and interests.   

We approach education from a different perspective and toward humanistic. At OCMT, we believe no one should be limited by funding to acquire skills. As a result, we have a program in place for those who may not qualify for conventional funding but highly passionate about obtaining the relevant, applicable and in-demand skills.

Target students (Domestic and International Students)

While we are flexible in our approach for selecting candidates into the CITT, our experience has shown that candidates with background in IT, Engineering, Computer Science, Social Science, Management or Industry credentials would often have a good shot at being considered.

Admission Criteria

  • Your Degree/Diploma
  • Resume
  • Letter of Intent, stating why you are interested
  • Two pieces of ID
  • Application Fee

Where to Apply

By email @

Online @ Apply Now

For inquiries please send email to: or call us at 416.444.OCMT (6268)