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Quality skill-based education, tailored to employers’ needs, and vetted by our Program Advisory Committee of industry professionals to ensure relevance and job-market-ready. We actively seek input from community partners and business owners in developing our curriculum in order to specifically address labor market demands.

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BA program at OCMT offers a clear path toward careers in management and administration. This program provides students with key understanding of business requirements while integrating SAP application into its core courses. Students will learn how to use this system in completing day-to-day operational tasks. 

As a Business Administrator, you are an organization’s Administrative Officer. Administrative Officers or Business Administrators often take on roles such as Executive Assistants to Executive Management. They engage in daily administration of the company. Oversee and implement administrative procedures, establish work priorities, business communication, and coordinate the acquisition of administrative services such as office space, supplies and security services on a daily basis. The position of a Business Administrator is very important to the organization in managing the entire office activities.


Example of careers in this field include, but not limited to:

  • Banking,  Insurance, Securities & Other Financial Institutions
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Accounting Firms 
  • Legal 
  • Government
  • Telecommunication
  • Gas & Energy
  • Other industries where effective administration is required

Program Type: Business
Program Category: Accounting
Program Name: Accounting and Business Finance
Occupation(s) toward which the program is directed:
 Accounting Analyst
 Accounting Officer
 Finance Officer
 Financial Analyst
 Accounting Administrator
 Business Finance Analyst
 Finance Technologist
 ERP Finance Technician
 Quantitative Analyst
 Investment Analyst

Language(s) of Instruction: English
Program Format: Full-Time
Main Method(s) of Program Delivery: Instructor-Led
Does the program include an off-site work practicum? Yes
Domestic Fees: $20,130.00
International Fees: $23,880.00
Total Duration Weeks: 55

Some of the courses that make this program are:

-Financial Accounting Principles
-Canadian Taxation
-Quantitative Analysis
-Financial Technology
-Enterprise Risk Management, etc.

  • Administrator

We are excited to offer a specialized program in Cybercrime Investigation and Threats Technology (CITT). This six (6) months program is geared towards market-centred skills in different areas of Cybercrime investigation, threats gathering techniques and application of relevant technology. 

As a student of CITT, you will be part of a highly dedicated and studious team to unravel case studies and applying technology in various Cybercrime, and investigations. From Cyber fraud audit techniques, Identity & Access Management, Enterprise Security Architecture, to Computer Crime, Intelligence gathering and investigations, this program would build you from ground zero with the relevant and in-demand Cyber skills. 

What next? For a profession that boasts of 100% employment (by Gartner), you can’t go wrong! While you are thinking about joining us, we would like to make something clear: our admission process does not favour anyone by race, gender or belief, but rigorous and rewarding. We reward those with passion and interests.   

We approach education from a different perspective and toward humanistic. At OCMT, we believe no one should be limited by funding to acquire skills. As a result, we have a program in place for those who may not qualify for conventional funding but highly passionate about obtaining the relevant, applicable and in-demand skills.

Target students (Domestic and International Students)

While we are flexible in our approach for selecting candidates into the CITT, our experience has shown that candidates with a background in IT, Engineering, Computer Science, Social Science, Management or Industry credentials would often have a good shot at being considered.

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