Cybercrime Investigation and Threats Technology

We are excited to offer a specialized program in Cybercrime Investigation and Threats Technology (CITT). This six (6) months program is geared towards market-centered skills in different areas of Cyber crime investigation, threats gathering techniques and application of relevant technology. As a student of CITT, you will be part of highly dedicated and studious team to unravel case studies and applying technology in various cybercrime, and investigations. From Cyber fraud audit techniques, Identity & Access Management, Enterprise Security Architecture, to Computer Crime, Intelligence gathering and investigations, this program would build you from ground zero with the relevant and in-demand Cyber skills. 

What next? For a profession that boasts of 100% employment (by Gartner), you can’t go wrong! While you are thinking about joining us, we would like to make something clear: our admission process does not favor anyone by race, gender or belief, but rigorous and rewarding. We reward those with passion and interests.

We approach education from a different perspective and toward humanistic. At OCMT, we believe no one should be limited by funding to acquire skills. As a result, we have a program in place for those who may not qualify for conventional funding but highly passionate about obtaining the relevant, applicable and in-demand skills.

Target students (Domestic and International Students)

While we are flexible in our approach for selecting candidates into the CITT, our experience has shown that candidates with background in IT, Engineering, Computer Science, Social Science, Management or Industry credentials would often have a good shot at being considered.

Admission Criteria

  • Your Degree/Diploma
  • Resume
  • Letter of Intent, stating why you are interested
  • Two pieces of ID
  • Application Fee

Where to Apply 

By email @  Online @ Apply Now For inquiries please send email to: or call us at 416.444.OCMT (6268)