Cybersecurity Engineering and Intelligence Graduate Program

OCMT is proud to announce a groundbreaking graduate program in Cybersecurity and Intelligence Engineering offered with employment arrangement (through a Campus recruitment) with Deloitte, Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, Scalar, Thales and others. 

It is no loner news the world needs millions of Cybersecurity Experts, neither is the demand for Cybersecurity professionals anywhere close to supply. The truth is, Canada needs Cybersecurity professionals, just in the same way the world requires the services of seasoned Cybersecurity and Intelligence Practioner. 

OCMT is proud to contribute to solving the global cybersecurity skill gap by offering competency-based education using practical and case scenarios to equip the next Cybersecurity and Intelligence Experts. 

Program Information

  • Post Graduate Diploma program in Cyber Security & Intelligence Engineering.
  • An 18-month intensive program | 89 weeks | 2225 Hours | 
  • Taught by experienced industry experts and researchers in cyber security, and accompanied by 6 months internship, inclusive.
  • Employment assistance opportunities with our partners

Application starts Now!

Important Facts: 

“The Fast-Growing Job With A Huge Skills Gap: Cyber Security” – 

“Canada must close cybersecurity skill gap” – The Globe and Mail

“Cybersecurity sector struggles to fill skill gap” – Financial Times, UK

“Global Cybersecurity workforce shortage by 1.8million” – 

  What behavioral skills do you need to be a successful Cybersecurity Expert?

 Critical thinking | Analytical Skills | Open Mind | Think like Hacker

 What credential must you have to be admitted for this program?

Students must hold University degree/College Diploma in related disciplines, such as Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Management Information System, Physics, Information Technology, Security, Networking, Security Certification holders; otherwise, with at least 5 years of security experience/ A combination of academic background and experience.

What are other requirements?

  • All students must pass the criminal record check
  • All students must pass a communication exam prior to entering our programs.
  • Letter of Intent of at least 500 words, and at most, 1000 words. 

 What Job Opportunity or position would I be qualified?

Students of this program will typically be considered for an intermediate or senior position due to their prior background, and the kind of skills and competencies they would have gained by the end of their program. 

 Some of the positions may include:

Cybersecurity Analyst | Ethical Hacker | Secure Code and Mitigation Specialist | Threat Intelligence Specialist | Cybersecurity Consultant | Cybersecurity Engineer 

Course Outline


  • Flexible payment plan
  • Some flexibilities in class schedule 
  • GMAT or GRE not required 
  • Seasoned Faculties 
  • Multiple choices of industry specific courses
  • Campus location: nearness to subway and TTC
  • Small class-size
  • Pearson-VUE certified center 

Some Facts to Consider

  • Think about your career in few years and think again what you must do!
  • Cyber-crime is on the rise and there is a serious shortage of skillful workers to combat it.
  • Shortage of Cybersecurity Experts – Canadian cybersecurity talent gap growing, report warns. Click the link to read the Toronto Start report.
  • Not Enough Cybersecurity Talents in Canada – Deloitte reports.
  • Cybersecurity market worth $248.6 billion in 2023 – Market reports.
  • Global Shortage of Cybersecurity Experts to hit 3.5 million by 2021.
  • Damages from cyber-crime are expected to exceed $6 billion by 2021
  • Given the shortage of Cybersecurity skills, a golden opportunity is presented to the qualified resources. 

Cybersecurity Salary range in Canada

  • The average salary for Cyber Security related jobs is $94,007 per year. 
  • Immense opportunities abound for experienced Cybersecurity Experts to work remotely outside of the office.
  • Independent consulting possibilities after few years. 
  • Propensity to open own consulting Cybersecurity outfit. 
  • There are Job openings in Cybersecurity.
  • Entry level positions start at an average of $66,000 while most experienced workers could earn an average of $132,000, plus other emoluments.
  • Hourly workers/independent consultants command a much higher per-diem rate.

Unique advantages of this program

  • 6-months paid internship
  • Hands-on delivery approach in Cyber-Lab  
  • Case-studies and Research 
  • Real-life projects 
  • Competency-based curriculum
  • Research-oriented and highly competent Professors 
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Direct employment assistance for Graduates 
  • Students are mentored to pass select industry certification 
  • Mentorship program by practicing industry experts

Tuition, Books, Seminars, Exams Cost & Financing

Tuition – $24,950 | Estimated books cost – $2000 | Other Fees – $3,450 | International Fees – $8,750

Preview of Course Outline

• Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

• Ethical Hacking and Exploitation

  • Secure Application Programming
  • Computer Crime, Law and Investigation
  • Enterprise Security Architecture
  • Identity Management
  • Cyber Fraud Audit Techniques and more