This category of students are local to Canada. They may not require a visa to attend the college.

Step 1: Review our program descriptions and select your program of choice using our search programs page

Step 2: Check the admission requirements for your program choice. Using the Program Admission Requirement page, ensure you meet the required entrance criteria.

Step 3: Complete your online application.

Click the Apply Now button. This will take you to the online application page which is a secure online application system.

You will be asked to enter your personal, educational and other pertinent information, including your email address that will later be used to create your MyOCMT account. You will need to have everything ready before starting the online application. You can change or modify your application prior to a decision by the admissions committee. Please send email to

List of programs

 Diploma Program (Faculty of Management)

Diploma Program (Faculty of Technology)

Let’s work together to achieve a greater learning outcome and success. OCMT student support services offers a wide range of services that will make your learning experience worthwhile. As a member of our community, we offer information and support that are available within our immediate communities.

Reach out today and tell us about your needs by e-mail at If required, a member of our office will schedule a meeting with you to further understand your areas of need.

Please remember to include your student information, and your full name when submitting a request.

OCMT Support team – always here to help.

The OCMT Scholarship is based on merit and leadership. OCMT shall grant scholarships or bursaries to students who have demonstrated excellence in the following:

Academic Grade (A+)

Leadership and Team Skills

Provides support services to others/involve in community volunteering services.


Note: Student must demonstrate more than one of the above qualities in order to receive either a scholarship or bursary.

*The maximum award shall not be more than 25% of the tuition and bursary will be a flat award of $500.* For more information, contact Finance Aid Office at

Other Scholarship Options

For more options on financing your education, read the information about optional scholarships and educational funding on the Scholarship Canada website. For more information, visit